Dead Time Games Mobile Gaming While You Commute

Dead Time Games Mobile Gaming While You Commute

Nothing is more boring than sitting in one place doing nothing for an extended period. However, these days it is much easier to make the time spent on buses, trains, or waiting in a doctor’s office pass faster: playing a game on your phone or portable console can be an enjoyable distraction. There are plenty of mobile gaming options available in a number of different formats. In fact, some people might have the means to play advanced mobile games and not even know it yet!

Among the most popular mobile gaming devices are portable gaming consoles. These are devices such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony PSP. These games consoles require gamers to purchase their games separately from a shop in order to play.

However, owners of the PSP are able to synch up their system with a PS3 and download games onto it using that. Both console providers have very large libraries featuring video games from a variety of different genres.

One of the fastest growing platforms for mobile games today is the iPhone. This incredibly powerful and versatile mobile phone has spawned a booming gaming industry that takes advantage of the motion sensitive body and the innovative touch screen.

As long as they are in a service area, customers will be able to download a wide variety of iPhone games and apps. These games range from classic games like SimCity to popular, casual games such as Bejeweled and Peggle.

Many ambitious designers have also created more technologically advanced mobile phone games including first person shooting games.

These are often choppy and look more at home on late-90s era PCs than on modern portable gaming systems, but for those looking to shoot demons while on the bus on the way to work, the option is there. Many prefer to download simpler games, however.

Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and other low-tech mobile games are very popular and can be purchased from a number of different sources. These games are perfect for killing time as they are not affected by interruptions and can easily be put down and picked back up again with no penalty.

Some might choose fill their transit time, or queuing time, by playing games on their laptops. Laptop computers certainly provide the greatest variety of games and are among the most powerful options. There are some significant considerations, though, for gamers who choose this option.

The most obvious downside is that it requires the player to be sitting using a laptop while standing in line at the bank or the bus stop is going to be pretty awkward. The limited battery life on a laptop can also lead to disappointment if there are no outlets handy for charging.

Most people use a console or mobile phone to get their mobile gaming fix.

Its probably the easiest way to turn boring downtime into a pleasant distraction or relaxing leisure time. Whether you play them while commuting on public transport or stuck in a never-ending queue, these games-on-the-go can turn what might otherwise feel like an eternity into a pleasurable break from the day.

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