Foreign Game Developers Eyes China Market

Foreign Game Developers Eyes China Market

China is still mysterious world of the Orient, at least you want to sell in China when the game

Game industry and the people responsible for the Internet industry in a week’s E3 show in transactions concluded: China’s online games, or for a potentially huge market, but there are some significant obstacles to the confusion is that the market rules, the quality of players The uneven and game agents immature.

As the economic environment constraints, the Chinese game industry in the initial outbreak of the times is a major step backward. In this 14 million people as much as the great country but only a few people can afford to pay the purchase from the console and PC costs. At the same time, a large number of piracy has caused many companies are reluctant to sell the game in China, this issue has hindered the Western film industry, music and other entertainment industry development in China.

Online games represent a new business opportunities. Other countries in Asia, online games are in their “Internet cafes” in the typical form of the game, which reduced the audience in on the expensive hardware investment, and game software makers are generally available, but players only need to register ID Can, which also reduce the piracy issue.

“You can not be a simple game to the West to introduce the slightest change in China, in order to localize you may only get great success.” Sony Online CFO John Needham, said.

According to some survey results provided by the company, China now has about 6,000 million Internet users, which has 1,000 of which 4 million people in peacetime will play online games.

For Western game companies want to enter this market will face many challenges, in part because of some bureaucratic obstacles to foreign companies led to the development of business in China, “to get approval to operate through a series of complicated process “FGOG career development manager says Joon S. Oh, this is a game company in Shanghai,” a foreign companies often must find a good local partners is that we can really integrate into the reasons for this. ”

Government’s monitoring system on the cultural and political content of a lot of restrictions.

“The Chinese game developers are usually more easily grasp the Government’s thinking.” Netease online gaming sector in this Michael Tong said.

“Sex is determined not allowed, and the issue of violence on the slightly better”

Western game developers encountered another problem is China’s domestic game industry’s development. South Korean game company ActozSoft said: “Many of China’s big companies want to develop their own game.” “Of course the introduction of the game or have their chances of success, but each company wants to in the huge market in China better The performance. ”

As a Western producer of the game Why should study the Chinese market? Because they need to do is not just as simple as the game finished, the game can reflect the Chinese people’s tastes and preferences, and these are not familiar with the Westerners.

SONY online gaming company in China to North America last year, the most popular “EQ” ( “endless task”) to be a lot of cold-shouldered.

SONY AOL’s CFO said: “We should learn is not a simple game directly to the introduction of China, but only to achieve localization may be big success.”

This means that there is a strong local partners the importance of, Needham said, SONY in the promotion of “EQ” when committed a great error, is the North American version, both in the interface and content, There is no change on the introduction of China, the popular game in China than use it must have control, such as that of all the major operation can be completed by a mouse on the way. Needham also said, “the popular game in China but also has high ‘affinity Internet cafes’” he said. “Many people in Internet cafes playing games, the time will be smoking, you have to allow them to do a hand holding a mouse One hand holding a cigarette can be very comfortable playing games. ”

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