Internet And Online Gaming

g Internet And Online Gaming

Online games have become more and more popular over the past few years. Many people love the idea of playing role-playing and action games in a real-time environment with live people. Through online gaming, players get to connect with a new world while making friends or enemies with people in countries around the world. The one problem that these games are having, though, is that the graphics are expanding before the Internet technology does, but the new 4G Internet technology is offering some solutions to those problems.

You see, when you play a game online, whether its as simple as an online tournament or as complex as an entire created world with a variety of characters, sound bites, and graphical ingenuity thrown in, youre sending information through the Internet both ways. Your computer is constantly downloading information from the game program, and you are constantly sending information back through the Internet to interface with the game so that you can have an effect on the online environment.

The problem is that the more sophisticated and rich the game is, the more information there is to send both ways. If your computers Internet connection is too slow, then youll constantly have glitches in your game play and will end up possibly slowing the game down for everyone else if youre playing as part of a large group of virtual game players. When your computer tries to send and receive so much information over a slow connection, everything simply gets clogged up, which is part of the reason that you might experience freezes in the game when your Internet connection isnt fast enough.

4G Internet can solve these problems, though. Basically 4G stands for fourth generation, which means that this type of Internet is super advanced compared with the last Internet speeds. Essentially, every time the industry moves to a new generation of Internet technology, the available speeds double each time. So 2G Internet is twice as fast as the first generation of Internet, but its still much, much slower than 4G Internet.

When you upgrade your Internet connection to the fourth generation of technology, you end up with a super-fast connection. This makes sending packets of information back and forth to the gaming interface much more quickly. This means that playing a game of solitaire online is quick and easy, but it also means that you can take the most sophisticated Internet-based game out there without glitches or slowing of your computers connection.

If you like to play games online or if you have a child who enjoys it, upgrading to 4G Internet is a great idea. Not only will this upgrade make your gaming process better, though, but it will also make the process of watching movies and listening to music online smoother, and it will make it simpler to upload and download large files from the Internet. Overall, upgrading to 4G is a great idea for everyone, but its an especially worthwhile upgrade for anyone who likes to play games on the Internet.

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