Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is marketing through a mobile device, such as laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc. Mobile marketing is sent through various medium, one of the most popular medium is SMS. This kind of marketing has been used ever since the popularity of SMS. Big or small companies who used mobile marketing collected their clients or customers mobile numbers and sent wanted or unwanted messages. SMS marketing, at first, became unpopular or rather had a negative image, because of the unwanted messages people received and mobile users feeling of invading their privacy.

SMS marketing has changed over the years. Today, SMS is now used as a legitimate advertising channel, because of set guidelines and practices for the mobile media industry. Because companies are able to reach their target market faster through SMS, SMS marketing has become so popular. SMS marketing also helps companies become more interactive with their consumers. Aside from this, companies are intrigued or rather engaged to do SMS marketing, because consumers are the ones who pay for the text messages they received.

Companies are able to reach their consumers or consumers are able to reach companies through SMS short codes. SMS short codes have become a popular channel to reach mobile consumers. These short codes allow consumers to text message companies or brands at whenever and in whatever means. Short codes are 3 to 6 digit numbers, depending on the country, that have been assigned for the use of campaigns and other consumer services, such as television voting, downloading ringtones, downloading images, etc., by mobile operators in a given country. The wonderful thing about SMS short codes is that, mobile operators monitor the services of each company to ensure that these companies do not deviate from their original service account.

Aside from SMS short codes, there are different kinds of mobile marketing used. The different kinds of mobile marketing used are: 1) mobile marketing via MMS is a type of mobile marketing that sends media mobile content, such as video clips, audio clips and images, through MMS or Multimedia Message Service. 2) In-game mobile marketing is a type of mobile marketing wherein companies send promotional messages within mobile games or companies sponsor games to engage consumers. 3) Mobile web marketing is a type of mobile marketing wherein advertising on web pages is optional for mobile phones. 4) Location based services is a type of mobile marketing wherein cell phone networks offer their subscribers advertisements and other information based on their current location. 5) User controlled media is a type of mobile marketing wherein consumers are the ones to initiate future communications. 6) Mobile viral marketing is a type of mobile marketing wherein communication between companies and potential consumers rely on current consumers to transmit content, such as mobile services or advertisements, via mobile communication techniques and mobile devices, by sending the content to their contacts.

With knowing what the kinds of mobile marketing tools are, companies are given many options to promote their products and services to mobile users. However, despite the popularity of mobile marketing, companies would have to choose companies, which provide such services that could help them become successful with their campaign. It would also be beneficial for companies to know the different problems encountered with mobile marketing to help them prevent any problems that they might face in the future.

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