Nintendo DS Accessories

Fun and functional, Nintendo DS accessories can help you get the most out of your gaming system. You can express yourself with color and design, optimize your playing experience and just have fun. Whether you are looking for expanded game play options or to dress up your DS with cosmetic upgrades, there are countless accessories to choose from.

The most basic DS accessories will spruce up your system and help protect it from damage. Filters are thin films that protect both screens from damage. They do not interrupt game play and are easily replaced. Screen cleaners are the easiest way to banish stubborn oils from the touch screen, and it is always advisable to keep an extra stylus handy. You can buy colors that match your DS or mix it up with a new color or character-themed stylus.

Accessory packs are a fun way to get a coordinated look based on popular titles. Packs often include a case, themed stylus, stickers and game card holders. Carrying cases also come on their own. They protect the DS’s plastic shell from scratches, dents and cracks. From ultra-thin hard cases to compact carrying bags, there is an option for everyone. They come in a vast variety of colors and patterns, including licensed characters. Some have spaces to hold game cards, but you can also purchase a separate card holder to keep your titles organized.

Other accessories are designed to improve game play. Screen magnifiers attach to your DS and enhance little details. Cheat cards allow you to unlock increased fire power, time limits, money and secrets easily. Add a fun vibration option with a rumble pack to feel each explosion and heavy hit. There are also specialized controller plug-ins for games like Guitar Hero, making the game play closer to the console version.

Expand your DS or DSi’s abilities with unique add-ons. Utilize the DS Lite’s WiFi capabilities with a web browser and memory expansion. Discover new music and never miss your favorite radio show with an FM radio converter. You can even make it easy to charge your DSi from a computer with a USB adapter.

Possibly the most useful but frequently overlooked accessories are DIY modding tools. A few simple tools will allow you to complete simple fixes and cosmetic changes yourself. Broken hinges and missing buttons can be fixed for either your own enjoyment or to improve the resale value of your DS.

The case construction for a Nintendo DS is rather simple. If your system is working well but needs some cosmetic refreshing, you can replace many of the components. Stop lamenting over unsightly scratches or a boring color and mod your Nintendo DS with a bright new case. New case kits come with new buttons and fresh LCD screen covers, too. Sticking buttons and cracked screens can be yesterday’s problem.

Cases are just the beginning. Rechargeable batteries have a limited life; over time, they will no longer hold as much of a charge. This is especially true if you frequently plug in your DS when it is not completely out of batteries. You can replace a rechargeable battery yourself.

If you are interested in DIY modding your DS, you will need a specialized screwdriver. Nintendo systems are built with custom security screws that cannot be worked by normal screwdrivers. Luckily, specialty drivers are available to be public and quite affordable.

Part of the fun of owning a DS is accessorizing it. With the range of DS accessories available, you can play with a variety of looks for your system and keep it in prime condition.

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