Samsung Plasma Tv Reviews Make The Smart Decision

Samsung Plasma Tv Reviews   Make The Smart Decision

Whether you are seeking the highest quality home cinema experience or jaw dropping gaming, Samsung TV reviews all seem to agree that you can’t go far wrong with a Samsung. There are however a wide selection of different sets and sizes so choosing the correct Samsung HDTV for your budget is not as easy as it would seem if you want the most for your money. You will find Samsung television reviews on LCD, plasma, LED and now 3DTV. Even the NFL use Samsung as their screen of choice. For starters let’s review LCD versus plasma. Many manufacturers are moving away from plasma and into LCD or other so it appears to be a bit of a dying technology. The main benefit of plasma always used to be better blacks but LCD has now caught up and the difference is barely noticeable. Samsung plasma TV reviews state that they have marginally wider viewing angles but once more I find this barely noticeable in average room sizes. LCD TVs however are generally thinner so fit better in your room or wall mounted and have less reflection and glare and no screen burn meaning you can play video games for hours without worry. Now let’s take a look at the Samsung TV reviews for the LED models. The Samsung LED TV’s are among the best on the market and are super slim with LED backlighting for an incredibly bright picture and exceptional blacks. These are highly recommended for films and gaming. The Samsung TV reviews I am reading at the moment all suggest one thing. 3DTV. If you are looking for the latest technology and realistic viewing then this is what you want. Although still in its early stages, everything is moving in this direction. Movies, channels, games and just about everything else. Imagine viewing films or nature documentaries in 3DHD from the comfort of your own home or better still immerse yourself in your favourite video game. My recommendation is, if your budget allows it, go 3D.

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